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Breast Implant Disease, and What You Can Do About It

What do breast implants have to do with chronic fatigue, pain, and frequent illnesses? If you’ve ever heard of breast implant disease, then you may already know. Breast implant disease occurs for a couple of different reasons: 1) your body tends to treat an implant as a foreign object and “attacks” it, and 2) seepage […]

Ten Things You Should Know About Your Thymus

“My what?” I hear you saying. Your thymus! Your thymus is a very important part of you that plays a major role in your quality of life, your general health and your aging process. Let’s face it: we all want to look young, feel good, and enjoy good health. While lifestyle and diet play an […]

Eat More Fiber!

Fiber is good for you and good for intestinal health. Fiber is often called nature’s broom because it helps sweep out our intestines and keep our digestion moving. If you complain of bloating, constipation, and abdominal discomfort, it’s possible that you may benefit from additional fiber in your diet. Then modern trend of low-carb diets […]

The Art of Simply Being You

Being ourselves has turned into an art form. In a world dominated by communication and technology, we are constantly being influenced in both blatant and subliminal ways. Unfortunately, although we make our decisions convinced of our personal freedom and emancipation from convention, it turns out that many of these “decisions” are scientifically-calculated results of focused […]

The Drama of Living

Have you noticed how dramatic life has become? Everywhere we look, there are people who are stressed out and complaining. It’s not out of the ordinary to begin a conversation with a complaint! If it’s not the heat, it’s the traffic. If it is not the stress of the job, it’s the husband. What is […]

De-Stress the Stress

Stress seems to be an unavoidable part of life. Many people suffer under the constant pressure of feeling stressed at work. A British study found that one out of five persons interviewed had been sick and unable to work due to stress. Another study showed that one out of four people had actually cried at […]


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