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There is more involved in treating diseases successfully than simply taking a drug to cure a symptom. Often, what our bodies feel is the result of an accumulation of stresses. These can be in the form of viruses and bacteria, but they can also be environmental and emotional. A multilevel treatment strategy may offer a more long-term solution. My Infusio Concept involves a 5-Step integrative approach to overcome health disorders. Regardless of what disease I help you fight, I feel that these components form the core pillars of a successful therapy. My motto is “Innovation through integration.”


Five Steps To Health

Immune Modulation

A functioning immune system is the foundation of health. Immune modulation involves bringing the ratio of the different immune cells back into balance to enable the immune system to function correctly. This is very different than simply boosting the immune system. My restoration of healthy immune function is especially important for patients suffering from autoimmune disorders and cancer.


Mineral depletion and lack of vital substances can throw our system into disarray and make us more vulnerable. I apply orthomolecular medicine through the use of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to promote health and healing in the body. High intravenous doses of these agents show a pharmaceutical effect and can have an immediate impact on the immune system and metabolism.


The human body is continually confronted with toxins. These are found in the air we breathe, in the food we eat, in our clothes, in furniture and even in our teeth. In order to optimize the immune response and reduce side effects of treatment, the body needs to be free of heavy metals and toxins. Damage to the immune system by such toxins is often associated with the outbreak of chronic disease.

Disease-Specific Treatment

There are conventional and non-conventional methods that directly attack a disease. A balanced approach to therapies is the key. Not all standard treatments are bad and not all alternative treatments are good. In fact, I try to avoid the term ‘alternative,’ as I feel that it is important to incorporate the best of each approach into an integrative therapy.

Mind-Body Medicine

I guide my patients to recognize patterns in their life that may have made them susceptible to disease. This might include providing solutions for stress management and lifestyle coaching. Through forms of bodywork, the body’s own perception and inner balance is increased. Deep-seated tension and internal stress are released and the self-healing powers of the body are stimulated.

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